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Open and Reproducible Research Group

The Open and Reproducible Research Group (ORRG) is a collaborative group based at the Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science, TU Graz and at Know-Center GmbH. Combining competences in information science, sociology, and psychology, we conduct meta-research to investigate and assess services, policies, and practices that make research more open, responsible and reproducible.

Our research foci
Collaborating internationally with researchers from across the disciplinary spectrum, as well as researchers and funders on assessment, we study:

  • Research methods (reproducibility and replicability of research, Citizen Science, open methodologies)
  • Research publications (preprints, Open Access, (open) peer review)
  • Research data (FAIR data, data stewardship, data management plans and  infrastructures)
  • Research integrity (publication ethics, responsible research and innovation, equity)
  • Research impact (research evaluation, impact of Open Science policies)
Our methods

We are an interdisciplinary team employing a range of methods in our research, including scientometrics, agent-based modelling, literature mapping, and a range of qualitative and co-creative approaches (e.g., focus groups, interviews, future studies, delphi methods, etc.).

As a group, we are dedicated to practicing transparent, participatory and inclusive research. We have therefore set principles for ourselves we are committed to uphold. These can be found in our Open Science and Research Integrity Policy.