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Improving the Quality of Higher Education in Ukraine: Introducing OPTIMA

The ORRG is happy to announce that starting in January 2021, it will collaborate with multiple Ukrainian and European partners in the project OPTIMA – Open Practices, Transparency, and Integrity for Modern Academia. Led by Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine, OPTIMA aims at improving the quality of higher education in Ukraine by increasing the level of academic integrity through bringing open practices and transparency to relevant content and services, as well as through modernisation and internationalization of Ukrainian HEIs. OPTIMA features a broad consortium of Ukrainian and European partners. 

Over the course of 3 years (2021-2024), the Erasmus+-project OPTIMA will develop and implement an online OPR platform for academic conferences and build an international virtual community of peer reviewers and researchers on the base of it.

The Open and Reproducible Research Group at TU Graz/Austria is one of several European partners and will act as a consultant, delivering train-the-trainers workshops on various aspects of Open Science (including Open Access, FAIR Data, and Open Peer Review), and will help in designing and implementing an Open Peer Review platform for Ukrainian HEIs. Moreover, ORRG will contribute to general and subject-specific OS-related course materials for Ukrainian HEIs.

The first train-the-trainers workshop organized by TU Graz will be held online for our Ukrainian consortium partners in March 2021 to introduce key aspects of Open Science and Open Peer Review.

ORRG project contact: Stefan Reichmann